About me

In my life, I have been allowed to get to know many different professional areas, but none of these professions corresponded to my needs and values. 
In addition, it was always a big dream of mine to become self-employed.
I have been a collector of various comics, statues and action figures for many years.
I am especially fascinated by the anti-heroes, Batman, X-23, Wolverine, Deadpool, The Punisher, Kick Ass and Hit Girl.

What fascinates me about Kick-Ass is his strong sense of justice.
"The only thing he had to offer the world was his good intentions and an increased resilience in terms of taking a beating."

Kick Ass quote 
Comic books are total bullshit, any normal person could be a superhero.

Since I have been very busy during this time and this has always been great fun for me, I have come to the decision to realize my dream and make myself independent in this industry.
In the past years, I have also had to make many negative experiences with various stores on the Internet, which is why I said to myself:
I want to do it better, with me it is not the profit, but the customer in the foreground!

For me, honesty and trust are the highest good on earth, I live by the motto: "Do good and good will come to you".
With these values and a lot of optimism, "Axolotl Collectibles" was finally founded in January 2020 after a long, intensive preparation phase.


Your advantages

Surely you are wondering why I chose the Axolotl!?

One peculiarity that the axolotl has is that it does not really grow up, but spends its entire life in the larval stage.
It grows as a larva like most other amphibians, but naturally does not metamorphose.
Nevertheless, it reaches sexual maturity.

Parallels to me are hard to deny.



Worth knowing:

The name axolotl comes from Aztec and roughly means "water monster."

Axolotls have the ability to regenerate limbs, organs and even parts of the brain and heart.
The regenerates are usually not crippled, but complete and functional.

In 1998, according to scientific studies, there were 6000 axolotls per square kilometer in the Xochimilco region.
In 2003, there were 1000, but by 2008, there were only 100 left.
In 2013, another intensive search for the animal was conducted for four months, but unfortunately without results: not a single specimen could be found!
The chance that the axolotl still exists in the wild is not excluded, but very small. 

The reason for the decrease of the population is the increasing environmental pollution as well as the ever further penetration of humans into the habitat of the animals.

With kind regards
Dennis Kirchleitner